The Horse Racing Systems Creator:

Step by step how to create winning horse racing systems from a master

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If you want to find your own winning horse racing selections there’s no doubt that the most time efficient method is to create your own betting systems.

But, as time moves on, it gets harder and harder. When I first started out I had a cupboard full of Sporting Life’s and if I had an idea I would trawl through months and months of old papers checking the system to see if it was a winner.

Things are easier now with tools to do the research for you, but because of that your systems have to be more specific. It wasn’t that long ago that you could just bet on any horse returning to the course within 7 days and make a nice long term profit.

But these simple and general systems no longer work. Technology and ease of research has created the need for ever more focused research.

We have to use the tools available to us, and we have to drill down and create less generalised and more detailed systems to turn a profit. But it can be done.

In this book, betting system expert Dr Nick Hardman, outlines his methods for creating profitable winning systems for UK horse racing. These methods were first taught to readers of the On Course Profits magazine, and now they are available to you too.

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